ICML launches Extreme Ambulance in India for Rs. 6.15 lakh ex-showroom

International Cars & Motors Limited (ICML) launches ‘Extreme Ambulance’ in India.

Most of us may not be well-versed with the name “ICML” to a larger extent, let us brief about it. ICML is a part of the group called Sonalika which as of in 2012 was India’s fourth largest ‘tractor manufacturer’ in terms of sales. But then, it also started offering extreme MUV that is said to be technically sound for our road conditions. Hence, to name it, Rhino is the most popular one, while Oyster a double cab for life style, and Windy a 1.2 ton single cab commercial Pick Up, are also there in the repertoire of Indian carmaker.

ICML Extreme Ambulance is priced between Rs. 6,15,000 lakh to Rs.6,58,000 (ex-showroom price). It is dwelled to carry 5 people (4 seating, 1 stretcher) as a standard.

Meanwhile, more of the other bits that comes standardized with the Ambulance are stretcher, revolving light, hook for bottles, oxygen cylinder holder, a water dispenser holder and a medical box.

ICML launches Extreme Ambulance in India
Power to the Extreme Ambulance comes from Extreme MUV Rhinos’s CRD-Fi diesel engine of 120 BHP of and 280 Nm of torque. It enables the vehicle to reach top speed of 165 KMPH for meeting the desired need. A 50-litre devilish fuel tank also ensures trips to the fuel station are kept to a minimum.

In addition, those who don’t have such budgets for buying an Ambulance, and also don’t fall in the circle of metro cities, a BS-III trim is made available for them by the carmaker. It produces 100 BHP and 240Nm of torque, which sounds enough for the ferries that happens in their town-type areas.

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