Bajaj RE60 Glows up the Taillight like Skoda Fabia: Spy Shots

Tipped to become a production specific soon, Bajaj had not left hope of making RE60 to go in the manufacturing bay by next year or so. Till the battle fight continues between the Bajaj and government officials regarding the road safety, we the media houses are being bestowed with cluster of spy images of same, that are extracted when automaker needs to conduct the trial run every now and then for the precise official regarding the commercialization of product.

Bajaj RE60 basically falls in the quadricycle segment which hopefully will sit in between the entry level car and the three wheeled auto-rickshaws that already enjoys the face last mile transport in India.

Going to take on the three wheelers here, RE60 once again had delighted us with another looks, and that is by glowing the tail lights in the dark. To be true, it resembles like that of Skoda Fabia for most of the stances.

Bajaj RE60 Spy Shots
We are very much shocked to witness, in spite of this tight budget, the Pune based carmaker had managed to cough up this bit expensive lamps on the tails. Though, the portrayed vehicles maybe a prototype, we hope the RE60 would receive great response if such tail light models would reach the manufacturing bay very soon.

However, after a bold dose of this beautiful rear cluster, we had started drooling how the headlamps’ glow too.

Till the other news arrives for this particular make, let’s add as a reminder that RE60 quadricycle is powered by a 200cc DTS-i engine which churns out the power of 20bhp and is capable of touching the max speed at 70kmph. It will derive the astonishing the fuel efficiency figures of 35kmpl and would ferry almost four persons at a time, given a compartment for storing their luggage as well.

Bajaj RE60 Spy Shots Back View

Image Courtesy: MotorBash.

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