Bajaj RE60 Spotted Testing Once Again

After gaining success in the two wheelers arena, Bajaj was vying to get this hands in the lucrative segment of four-wheeler as well, but that too with a very different approach. The term ‘quadricycles’ which we are not much aware about, but was on bike maker’s target list for quite long and to be specific RE60 is said to be its actual output. Displayed at the Delhi Auto Expo last year, this particular badge had raised many eyebrows and also a lot of questions as well, which finally had lend us answer of ‘replacement to auto rickshaws’.

The piece of news over here is, RE60 is once again spotted doing test rounds near Aurangabad, Maharashtra, without any camouflage, and exclusive of other finished bits as well. Only thing visible on this is the outer body and driver position while sitting, but to our goodness, wheels looks like one of the party going jolt forget to sport his event specific dress. It is clear from the image that Bajaj hadn’t dropped the decision of discarding it from the list, maybe sooner or later, this Indian auto maker will make the launch happen very well.

Bajaj RE60 Spotted Testing Once Again
Looking the image carefully, it surfaced this variant is a 2+2 clamp, rather than the other one that is slated to be 1+3 in for the rickshaw replacement. It is still not clear from the vision of organization what it is going to make hot in the future but hope so 200cc single cylinder four stroke liquid cooled DTS-i power plant is good enough for 20bhp and carrying load 4 passengers for miles. Just some days before, the talks were doing rounds in industry that the Bajaj is tucked in mug of fuss over the quadricycle and to that the dilemma of a car, which now the official decision had been taken in the car’s side, hence hope so the workouts of safety norms and other such things are going on in the R&D of Bajaj. More over here, the Tata Nano is looking like its immediate rival who we had also been stuck similarly, but the same things had been worked out for getting things in right way and that was said “safety” measures.

Bajaj RE60 spotted testing
2.75m of length, 1.3m width and 3.5m turning radius will prove beneficiary to the city traffic and also a 70 kmph top notch will assist RE60 in the highway run. The 44 liter boot space is also derived after placing the engine at “rear”, which one can say wasn’t so easy in this small cabin.

Image Courtesy: Autocar.

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