JLR Clocked the ‘Best Ever April’ in 2013: Sales Report

Just the April got over, heat starts pouring in through month of May very strongly, that too the Tata owned automotive brand delivered very studious buff in luxurious stride for now. Revealing the figures, JLR had shown an increment of 12% in April 2013 sales, as compared against the figures of same period last year, which the number says 28,503 vehicles were rolled out in last month and created the tag ‘best ever April’ for those last 30 fruitful days.

Growth is witnessed in all the regions of world, stating bifurcations in following variations:

  • Asia Pacific – 37%
  • UK – 32%
  • China – 10%
  • North America – 6%
  • Europe – 2%
  • Other overseas markets – 11% (including India which is up 6%)

The similar type of significant growth is also witnessed in first four months as well.

Jaguar Land Rover
Speaking on this issue, Phil Popham, Jaguar Land Rover’s Director of Group Sales Operations said, “This is a positive start to our second quarter sales and continues the growth trend seen in the first three months of the year.”

Stating cues differently, Jaguar managed to figure out sales of 4,711 units, up by 12%, against the numbers of April 2012, where XF model plate had reflected positively in the heat, bringing in customers to showrooms for the V6 and 2.0L petrol engines, driven through AWD and Sportbrake derivatives commandingly.

On the other hand, Range Rover surfaced with sales of 23,792 vehicles in last month, with the similar growth segmentations of 12%, proclaiming positive achievement in all the major regions. Markets namely Japan is screwed up by 114%, against the Korea at 102%, and Belgium by 54%, whilst of the MENA which popped-up results with 55% rather than the Chinese territory that just stood merely with brewed positive input of 8% itself.

If looked at the bigger picture, then it is came to known, JLR’s calendar year to date sales clocked numbers at 143,974 vehicles, up by 16%, and hence can be said “well performed” at the first glance.

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