Bajaj Targets 5000 Units of RE60 Every Month

Bajaj RE60 had made a good amount of havoc when it made debut at one of the Delhi Auto Expo, but still there is no confirmation of its launch since then. In between, it had also drawn attention when found doing test rounds in Mumbai, and most probably not a single word from the makers.

Yet recently we managed to come up with a sort of news that may delight the Indian audience, but to an extent it is disappointing also. Firstly the good one itself, Bajaj claims to sell 5000 units of RE60 every month. It will be definitely a cheaper version of Tata Nano, but the Pune based automaker does not wish to be named in that category, instead it would be better to figure it out in “quadricycle” zone or may be termed in auto-rickshaw fraternity as well. Overall, one can define it as a cool mode of commute for the last mile travelers in India, specifically to be in the rural.

As of we had mentioned in the above stanza, now it’s time to reveal the disappointing inclination, and it is, there are still few more months for launch of RE60 to happen as Bajaj is busy framing rules and regulations for quadricycles in Indian context, until that procedure is completed no event to be happened on part of this new roll out, as confirmed by R C Maheshwari, President of Bajaj Auto’s Commercial Vehicle Division.

Bajaj Targets 5000 Units of RE60 Every Month

Once again, sealing the technical specification of Bajaj’s newest offering, Bajaj RE60 is a “four seater” with single cylinder petrol engine working out peak output of 20 bhp in the mileage horizon of 35 kmpl. That’s not all, this quadricycle will also be environment friendly with CO2 emissions rate of 60g/km.

Henceforth, no further derivations to be made on this clinching flip. But we can affirm launch of RE60 to be made soon in end of 2013 or early 2014, that’s all.

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