Land Rover May Soon Launch Defender in India

Land Rover is riding high with the ongoing process of new production facilities worldwide, but this time it is seen that organization had selected Sri Lanka to built Defender in near future, as slated to right down norms and other such for manufacturing unit very soon.

Though Sri Lanka is one of our very close neighbors, in fact if one sees in the map then he may also call it as a part of India only, and if they are getting the Defender then why not Indians? That’s what all must be thinking in their mindset, the same case was with us too when got our hands on this piece of news.

But as per reports, it is noted, Sathosa Motors PLC will invest US $1million to set up an assembly plant for Land Rover Defenders at a site in Hambantota (Sri Lanka), where the work has already started and has also learnt, machineries meant to be imported from UK, therefore no confusion of standards in production process at all, will be of the same top notch class that was meant for Europeans and others. Overall, SML Frontier Automotive (Pvt) Ltd. is regarded to look after sales service in Sri Lanka, which is a 50-50 partnership between Sathosa Motors and Sheran Fernando, a local agent of Land Rover.

Land Rover Defender

Henceforth, need not to be excited on this flip, as Englishmen and Sri Lankans shares a strong bond between them and had also scored good relationship due to the supply of Range Rover vehicles to Lankan military for more than past 50 years.

When it comes to India, we think, it is possible to bring Defender here as well, because there is not a far road difference between India and Sri Lanka, and both governments share good rapport between them, even in terms of automotive sector as well. Meanwhile, most Sri Lankans uses our home made vehicles, so what’s there if we made our hands on the ‘Sri Lanka made’ vehicles, no much difference! Only the time will tell what had stored in for future, but our expectation goes for a positive one, as globalization runs deep in our blood.

Till then you can have a glance of the technical specification below; while we call it as a ‘mini tank’ underneath a SUV avatar due to its look and appearance, but as of what’s your take do let us know.


  • Body    SUV
  • Segment    D+ Segment


  • Front Brakes    Front Disk
  • Rear Breaks    Rear Disk


  • Displacement (cc)    2400
  • Engine Type    DC 100 Sport – 2.0 L turbo petrol & DC 100 – 2.0 L diesel engine
  • Engine Type/Model    Manual
  • Fuel Type    Petrol
  • No of Cylinders    4
  • Power (bhp) @ rpm)    122
  • Torque (Nm @ rpm)    360


  • Power Steering    Power
  • Steering Gear Type    6 Manual
  • Steering Type    Tilt


  • Gear Box Type    eight-speed gearbox
  • Transmission Type    8speed transmission


  • Seating Capacity    5

Fuel Economy

  • Mileage – City (km/l)    10
  • Mileage – Highway (km/l)    14

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