Most Bizarre Car of the World Up For Sale OnThe Web

The globe’s most awful car that lives up to the saying ‘Jack of all trades’ in the most advantageous way, is available for sale on Craigslist.

The said car is a half truck and half van in which the cab and hood from a truck of the year 1962 has been joined with a Pontiac Grand Am from nineties.

An Oldsmobile one has substituted the front clip of the Pontiac.This car has been devised by a craftsperson from East Kentucky who depicts this completely bizarre offering as a car, which has each and every choice. On the web, it has been referred that the car possesses air bags in working condition and door gripsfunctioning in the right manner.

The possessorappears to be in a desperate rush to sell this car and he says that scores of time has been exhausted in creating this car and he has more projects to focus onas well as he is not open to compromises on the cost of $3000.

Most Bizarre Car of the World Up For Sale OnThe Web

He also said that he has expended more than he is demanding.”Have probably twice as much invested – this vehicle will be sold as is,” he insists.

This front of this strange looking vehicle is the mysterious part with a truck bonnet on the top.

The car and the truck are both red in color with truck being in muddier and darker shade owing to its age. asked, “Won’t anyone buy this poor wretch and destroy it? Or are you so cruel that you would see it drive on the roads or rot away in shame in some Kentucky backyard?”

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