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How many times do we actually open the bonnet and take a close peek at the battery nestled besides the engine? We are sure that this would be the last cause of concern for any car owner. Things which are visible are usually checked whereas the ones which are not so visible are ignored. However, battery of a car is something which each and every owner of a car has to watch out for. Here are some tips about how to maintain the lead batteries in a car. Remember, the battery is the one which helps in cranking the car everyday and also allowing the in-car entertainment systems to function properly.

No to aftermarket headlamps:

We all prefer better lighting in our cars and since most of the OEMs come with shoddy lamps, we tend to replace them with expensive aftermarket ones like Xenons and the works. Many a times, these modifications are carried out without the insertion of a relay cable. If the latter isn’t used in older cars, the aftermarket headlamps fitment would cause a drain in battery. A relay also prevents unwanted pressure on the battery of a car.

Aftermarket headlamps

Battery waterBattery water:

This is something which needs to be checked into as this is the basic care that one can do for a battery. Also remember that normal water isn’t to be used if one is topping the battery water. Always use distilled water. Putting in normal water with all that chlorine content would mean that the cells inside the battery wouldn’t work properly plus in the end, the entire battery unit may have to be replaced.

Specific Gravity:

This is something which can be checked only by a battery retailing outlet or a shop which has got expertise in this regard. While some may think that this wouldn’t hamper the battery’s performance, it does to a great extent.

Battery terminals:

Corrosion and rusting are the major things which affect the battery of a car. The acid present inside a car can actually corrode it. Once in every two weeks, do remember to remove the dirt and grime from the battery terminals. Some jelly or even grease would be helpful enough in ensuring that the terminals aren’t corroded. Moreover, there wouldn’t be any resistance to the flow of power from the battery to the car’s assortments.

Disconnecting battery terminals:

It is recommended that if one is going outstation for a long time or even not using the car for about a month, the battery terminals need to be disconnected. Discharge of the battery would happen if its unused for a long time and still plugged to the car’s terminals.

Disconnecting battery terminals

Pay heed to the warning light:

If the driver information display does show that there is some problem with the battery of the car, then it shouldn’t be ignored. Get the battery examined at a nearby battery servicing station or at the authorized service station.

These are some of the tips that we thought of sharing with our readers. If there are any more tips that any one of you remembers, then please feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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