Park It Right In Three Easy Steps

Parking a car is as strategic as driving it. Some may not agree, but anyways a report shows most of the car dents are happened to have been garnered while entering or exiting the parking lot. So, it makes a sense how trained a driver can be sometimes experimented with his parking skills as well.

Jolted down are some simple tricks to handle the menace gushing in and out the parking space. And at least if they wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t let down your impression that had to be created on the first date with a girl. We bet!

Park It Right In Three Easy Steps

Look Around

Looking around before parking means one should make sure the space isn’t a no-parking slot, nor it is in front of the gate, intersection, or does it belong to a taxi stand or any other public transportation. Even the parking space shall not be adjacent to the fire hydrant, post box and such other emergency instances. Before reversing your car in the space make sure all the signage around it are clear of not getting the car towed away.

Do Not Tree

A shade is always a better option, and even in the metropolitan surroundings the shortage of a proper parking lot is always felt. To the reimbursement, most prefer parking under the tree to avoid car from becoming a furnace due to scorching sunlight. Making it more delirious, parking under a tree is always full of danger far more than parking it under the sun. Admitted, tree provides enough shade, but risks like falling branches, bird poop always hover around. Some birds’ droppings are so acidic nature that even they cause permanent damage to the paint.

Gear And Handbrake The Right Way

Pulling the handbrake is of great importance when thwarted the car in parking, but effective only when done the right way. Otherwise the gearbox takes the whole load (of car) despite the handbrake being applied.

Select the neutral gear despite of the type of transmission your car possess (automatic or manual). And then pull the handbrake. During this process keep pressed the footbrake to hold your car until the hand lever takes on the strain. Once the handbrake is applied then slowly move the foot off the footbrake.

Well, there is a correct way to pull that handbrake, is to push the button as pushing the lever. Do make sure the click sound shall not occur due to not pressing of button. Once the handbrake lever reaches the fullest level, make it affirm by pulling it again to hear that click sound. Then, as said above, lift off the foot from footbrake. Obviously, in general situations the parked vehicle should not be in the 1st gear for manual and Park mode in the automatic trim. But when on a hill hit the car in gear after parking.

Park It Right In Three Easy Steps

Other Flicks

Prefer parking at the space which offers a wall on one side, or else can shot the last spot of the parking-lot in order to minimize the probability of damage. Also make sure that your car isn’t posing any inconvenience to any other car or any type of vehicles, where an insane driver may not leave a chance to leave a bruise on the metal.

Happy Parking!

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