Bentley SUV Spied for First Time

We hadn’t thought it this earlier; the Bentley SUV that is about to hit the production bay in 2016, is spotted testing and captured in the spy-shots for the first time, fledged under the sheets of camouflages.

Bentley had confirmed of bringing the new SUV with substantial changes from the EXP 9 F concept that was unveiled in 2012.

Bentley had already teased its upcoming SUV number of times, and even released a teased video.

Watching the concept and test-mule side by side, the concept and the test-mule are different from each other with regards to the arrangement of headlamps and some other nips and tucks.

Bentley SUV Spied for First Time

However, the under hoods technicalities is said to be defined with company’s most aggressive machines – the V8 and W12 petrol engines, where a petrol-electric hybrid to follow them later.

The pricing is yet to be revealed, but it is reported the Bentley SUV will be costlier than the costliest Range Rover of that time, which means a tough competition in the segments of niches.

Hope so, the time will only tell in what numbers this SUV will be sold, but the British carmaker is expected to be selling 3500 numbers of it a year. Probably, the inclusion of such huge figures will add their total numbers of sales to 15,000 cars.

The first one to fall in this category is Bentley, where other luxury SUVs like Maserati Kubang is wired of coming soon, where Rolls-Royce is almost seemed checked of planning and may announce a SUV in the coming days.

Not farther, the days when the posh will earn for luxury 4×4, the things will then be chalked out with the terms of chauffeur linked to a ‘SUV’ first, and then a ‘sedan’. What say?

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