Best Racing Video Games Coming Soon In 2014

We are restricted to unleash our complete throttling extravaganza on the roads due to the fear of police officials stopping us amidst the rage, and leaving cashless as well license-less. For the said, the gaming zone took up of zeroing on such excitements and cashing upon them.

Game like NFS needs no introduction, but there are other legends too coming to the way this year. Anyways, one shall get ready to be enthralled by the upcoming adrenaline-rushing series. Read on to find them in detail…


The Driveclub is changing release dates to get perfection, and is claimed that game will be like driving in a real-life scenario with water on windscreen getting evaporated by churning the wheels faster or sometimes can get stuffed windscreen with ice droplets due to the weather conditions. There will also be the surround sound to add pinnacle the last touch of reality. There are more technicalities as well which the makers are claiming of having the real-life driving condition on gaming board. The launch is now slated to happen in November, if not delayed further; till then one can get the PS4 if he hadn’t bought yet because at present the Driveclub will only be available for them.


The Crew:

Crew too is claiming of having the real-like driving condition, but minus those droplets converting into ice and evaporating with the speed. In the other sense, it is claimed the game will provide the plot of trotting whole USA in a compact version of the sphere which will lend the driver to cover the long distances in a reasonable time. Missions and tasks will be there to perch up the skills and hone the car. Additionally, gamers can tune in their cars in six different modes: Dirt, Performance, Street, Stock, Circuit and Raid so that any of the terrains laid ahead cannot be held as ruckus for the players. Particularly, launch is claimed it to take place in November where the buyers of any of the gaming stations like PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC aren’t be disappointed at first.

The Crew

Calibre 10:

Games not only challenges the caliber of a player, here the Calibre 10 will also challenge the caliber of your friend’s along with you at the same time. The game is set to match the driving skills of one player and the shooting skill of another player. A gun or a launcher, whatever so, will be tangled to a car. One of the players will act as the driver, while the other had to shoot down opponents at the same time from the gun. And as per the deadlines, the driver shall also cross finishing-line in time before the others could do, or he must shoot them down so that they couldn’t make there. Options like plasma cannons, shields, RPG launchers and many more will be there to keep the excitement going throughout. But at times, one can think the game will then become boring after a number of races. So the tricks or competitions like ranking, car modifications, choices of weapons and lots more will mesmerize throughout. Launch may happen at the end of this year; PC version will come out first.

Calibre 10

World of Speed:

World of Speed is not in the bout to entice sole players. Likewise the concept of keeping it engaging with adopting crews, clubs and such other options by the means of friends and team, this game will revolve around the plots of racing events that will contribute the points and awards to the whole team. So, here it will not matter that if one lose or wins, the whole performance points will be added to the team’s counter which will then decide the winner. Drifting, following tracks on corners, getting into shortcuts, overtaking and such actions are there to add points to the teams’ work. Launch is not announced yet but a beta version will follow soon.

World of Speed

Next Car Game:

Screech, wreck crash, trash, but cross the line, that’s what the New Car Game is going to have at its arrival. Speaking about the insanity in the car crashing, there will be enough of the graphics that will lend new experience everytime the car is crashed or screeched, depending upon the side, angle and speed chosen to dash it into a pile. The damages will be in the form of broken body parts, damaged panels hanging from the body and even the worst chassis too experiencing crash effects. They said PC version will be out by 2014, but other ones may take some undisclosed number of months.

Next Car Game

Project Cars:

Project cars will wipe out the difference between the graphics and reality, that’s what at least trailer and its other promotional materials speaks of. Though, the things may remain to a larger extent same to the GT6, but for the Project Cars it wll be all in better place than the former. Better mechanics, good sound quality, unlock modes are what this game is going to deliver. We hope, the refinement will be maintained as what is shown in the promotions. PS4, PC, and Xbox One are the first stations that will see it coming in the near future.

Project Cars

Hope so, these aforementioned titles will at least have three of them in the coming months, so better be saving the money and get ready with the thumbs and fingers oiled and greased.

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