BMW 1 Series GT spied testing at Nurburgring: Watch Video

Hatchbacks nowadays are drawing a lot of carouses in the market, where a recent one that we had pounced upon is the BMW 1 Series GT. The GT version of German hatchback is a one to talk about, which presently is going to set the temperament with the laces tied alongside Mercedes Benz B Class Tourer. Hopefully, one may also call it as a compact MPV, or some of the nearby quotient, but uttering as a GT personifies the image that goes with BMW and this upcoming badge of 1 Series.

Noteworthy, the 1 Series GT was found doing test rounds at Nürburgring in Germany. It can be claimed of pinning down a FWD platform, which is christened as UKL, and is said to debut at sometimes in the near future. The same UKL platform will also underpin the upcoming MINIS and more of BMW models at a coming future.

BMW 1 Series GT spied testing at Nurburgring

Hence, it may be possible that BMW will plant three and four cylinder engines in its bay. The carmaker is said to lend us the five and seven seating person capacity options on the 1 Series GT.

Video Courtesy: TouriClips

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