Audi starts producing Q3 in India

The baby Q of Audi’s repertoire had just did the job blissfully for the carmaker, now reaping its fruit more notoriously the brand started producing Q3 at its plant in Aurangabad. “Local production of the Audi Q3 is part of our long-term growth strategy in India, one of the most promising auto markets in the world,” said Dr. Frank Dreves, Audi Board Member for Production.

Audi used to produce the A4, Audi A6, Audi Q5 and Audi Q7, at the Aurangabad facility since long back. Now an addition of Audi Q3 to this list makes the count to reach a total of “five” in the locally produced badge of Ingolstadt based carmaker here.

Hopefully, the local production of Q3 completed the whole Q range with “Made in India” tag for our market. “This will reduce waiting times for our customers and will enable us to offer a wider range of versions in the market,” added Dr. Frank. The group plant Škoda Auto India Private Limited (SAIPL) in Aurangabad, Maharashtra has a capacity of producing more than 13,000 Audis in a year working in just a single shift. “The infrastructure in the plant, efficient working processes, qualified workforce and a well-developed logistics environment, along with the growth potential of the Indian market, are the factors that motivated us to expand the product portfolio at the Aurangabad plant,” conceited Mr. Dreves.

Audi Q3
However, to oomph the starting range of SUV market and its entire range too, Audi recently launched the Q3 S (Sports) in India with a trim down price and the trimmed number of features. It can be noted, the brand is tending to fill up the gaps precisely and uniquely which may save its grace for the coming times of worsening market scenario.

However, plans are also there for the entry level sedan A3 to be launched in India at the near future. It is cited that, Audi is in no mood of bringing here the hatchbacks like that of the Mercedes Benz and BMW.

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