BMW 3 Series converted into a swimming pool in Germany!

BMW 3 Series is the starting notch of ultimate German engineering as well as stark of luxury. And there is no doubt that most of its owner did not want its leather draped interiors to be spoiled by the water spills. But the story that we gad got now tells us a different story of how differently the German vehicles are being pampered in their homeland by their owners.

The vehicle that one can see in the image by scrolling down is of BMW 3 Series which was caught by German Police, and without putting in the photoshop we had posted the same image on this blog. So don’t be taken back by the floral decoration and wooden plank around it. Those materials were already there when a patrolling German cop took the notice of a customized water dripping car taking a turn at one of the streets of German town Eibenstock, and pulled it back on the count of road-norm flouting suspicion. He was shocked to see, there were three men in vehicle, and apart from the driver two were wearing the bathing suits while one of them was in trunks, all enjoying the ride in the customized “mobile swimming pool”. In addition, the car was completely functional on ‘one working gear’ despite filled with this much load of liquid. It can achieve the maximum speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) and can hold more than 2,000 liters (528 gallons) of water in its cabin.

The more interesting fact is that, when took the notice of being followed by police, those three men drove the vehicle to a nearest parking lot and fled the spot without making into the braces of cops. But then later when one of them returned to take the belongings from the car, at that moment police officer recognizes him and gets caught hold of him. Later on, they were released with their shoes and wallets that were left in the car, but had confirmed to return for the alcohol test. In order to make the vehicle remain in place, policemen had taken off the spark plug and also deflated the tyres.

German police find BMW converted to a pool
Hence, no to anxiety, those men had sealed the whole cabin of the BMW 3 Series with a synthetic material which had stopped the water from leaking out.

In addition, there is a possibility that those men may pose serious charge for driving under the influence of alcohol, and the lack of number plates and insurance, but would they be pleaded guilty on the basis of driving a “swimming pool”? If anyone out there had the answer then they can let us know via the comment section.

German Police Halt BMW Converted into a Driving Swimming Pool

“The ride was a stupid idea. It was the first time we drove on a street and we just wanted to have a little fun,” said one of the men to tabloid Bild, where we are looking forward what will be their next adventurous trick to look out for enjoyment!

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