BMW 5 and 6-Series V8 models get power boost:Likely to hit market in 2013

Earlier news of inclusion of power boost in the BMW 5- and 6-Series cars for Europe left American buyers disappointed. The bitter half of the news (for folks in the U.S.) soon turned out to be the better half. The German automaker has now made it official that the BMW 5-and 6-Series for U.S. too will include healthy power boost. This means that the powerful twin-turbo engines used in 7-Series and 6-Series Grand Coupe will be featured in 5- and 6-Series models.

The BMW 5- and 6-Series cars featuring power boost will hit the market in 2013. The list of cars that would feature the power boost includes 550i, 550i GT, 650i Coupe and 650i Convertible. The German auto giants found keeping same overall size of the engine more convenient. This is the reason why the cars would continue featuring 4.4L engine. The only factor that will enhance the power department of the cars is BMW’s Valvetronic variable valve timing. The VVT technology will provide the extra punch to the twin-turbo engine.

The significance of power boost is reflected well on data available. The 2012 4.4L V-8 engines pumped out 400 horsepower at a peak torque of 450lb-ft, while the 2013 models are capable of churning out 445 horsepower at a peak torque of 480lb-ft. On the other hand, as the overall engine size has been kept unchanged and so is the weight of the engine, the overall engine performance is bound to be on the better half.

As per the latest updates coming in from the company’s side, the lower level 5- and 6-Series models, viz. 640i, 528i and 535i will continue featuring their existing powerhouses. Automobile enthusiasts are now being reported to have kept a sharp eye on the updates coming in from BMW’s side as expectations of upgrade of all V-8 engines to improved 4.4L engines are high.

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