Facelift version of Ford Figo to arrive this Diwali

Ford Figo was the highlight of Ford, bringing fortune and fame for the past couple of years to this American auto giant. And now Ford is introducing a new facelift rendition of Figo. Working on it for some time now, Ford Figo is going in for a slight makeover with additional features that will ensure it stands apart from the rest. We will see this car driving its way here during Diwali.

It is quite evident that both the interior and the exterior of the car are in for some change. After viewing the pictures that have hit the internet, we see that the front end of the car has a modified headlamp section with innovative clear lens covers. It also consists of a front grille that has been reformed, giving the Ford Figo a fresh and tough look. Further bonus features on the inside of this model containsteering mounted audio controls that also includeUSB connectivity.

Not much of a change has been noticed in the rear, where the tail lamps are slightly readjusted in design to make it look sleeker. The Facelift titanium model is known to come out with allowwheels and to add to the list of new features, we will also be expecting to see an entry without the use of a key along with a start – stop button. We might be also looking at some new shades to give anoriginal and fresh look.

Facelift version of Ford Figo to arrive this Diwali

With these interesting changes made on the appearance of the car, it has been speculated that there might be possible changes in the mechanism under the hood as well. Perhaps a more efficient fuel injection system would improve the overall performance of the Ford Figo facelift. It would be pleasing if Ford provides the new car with power windows for the passengers at the back seats.Though just conjectures, it would be amazing for this new facelift version to contain all these attractive features.

It has been pointed out that the spotted carhad a marking on it that read ‘Voice of Customer Fleet’. If we were to read into it, it probably would mean that Ford has surveyed and taken valid input from the customers. Well, all we can do is waituntil the festive season of Diwali for its release so that we can get a fully detailed look of what’s changed and what’s not.

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