BMW-Audi rivalry gets tougher: BMW to roll out X2 to take on Audi Q2

With the news of upcoming roll out of the BMW X2, it seems that the German automakers have pulled their socks up to take on its rival, Audi. Audi recently conquered the automobile news segment with the upcoming roll out of another even-numbered entry-level SUV, the Audi Q2. The Audi Q2 is being anticipated to break covers in 2014.

As a counter to this, it has been heard that BMW is also working on its version of an entry-level SUV called the X2. The news came in as the company recently registered a number of trade names, which included X2. The upcoming SUV is being anticipated to feature a sloping roofline just like the BMW X1. It’s none but Harold Wood a.k.a Roger Lighterness, who has designed the BMW X2.

BMW-Audi rivalry gets tougher: BMW to roll out X2 to take on Audi Q2The basis of designing of the possible production model of X2 still remains the same, i.e. sustaining the design features of the X-series of BMW SUVs. If rumors are to be believed, the final approved model would exhibit sportier and a more dynamic coupelike outlook than any other X-series SUV.

An insider quoted that the BMW X2 design would lie somewhere in between the Z and the X models. The speculated cross of the two (Z and X-series) might stick on to the original X coupe concept and styling that the company introduced over a decade back.

Although the German automakers are yet to confirm any news regarding the inclusion of BMW X2 in its design or assembly line, it is being highly anticipated that the company is currently working hard on the designing of the car. As per the latest officially available news, the company’s stress is currently laying on the development of a larger X-series model, BMW X4. If the rumors turn out to be true, the famous BMW-Audi rivalry will certainly get some fuel added in it.

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