BMW M5 F10 TV Commercial: Essence of reality in virtuality

It’s no new news that no matter how small or how big the business is, good marketing and advertising policies are the backbone of commercialization of the products. In earlier days, it used to be confined within paper media only and to some extent electronic media as well. But as days are passing by, advertisements too, are experiencing phases of transformations as technology is. If history of advertisements’ is observed, you’d encounter that it has come a long way -starting from print media to the world of computer animation. German automaker, BMW,is famous for their run parallel to technology advancements. Their products’ advertisements too are no new story.

It’s BMW’s latest TV commercial for the M5 sports sedan that has conquered the automobile news segment for the time being. The BMW M5 TV commercial exhibits the possibilities of every single idea into animation. The ad has certainly taken animation to a newer level.

BMW M5 F10 TV Commercial: Essence of reality in virtualityIf the entire episode of the TV commercial is to be penned down then it would feature the starting of a newfangled blue high-performance BMW M5 F10 from the tunnel with glowing red lights in the dark with snowy white background. The car then accelerates after a few seconds of burnout. It behaves like an over-sized bullet anxious to penetrate the set target. The commercial proceeds with the sedan crashing a big glass apple, followed by pricking of three huge water balloons before hitting the target at the final stage. Every single detail after crashing in every stage has been made crystal clear, be it the breaking of the glass apple, or the water droplets after the pricking of balloons, or at the final target.

The BMW M5 F10 sports sedan debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, followed by accreditation of customer satisfaction in November, 2011. The high-performance of the M5 is because of its under-the-hood features. It has a variation of S63 biturbo 4.4L V8 engine that powers the car. The BMW M5 F10‘s engine is capable of churning out 560bhp at a peak torque of 681N-m or 502 lb-ft.

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