BMW Family Active Sports Tourer (FAST) spied

Offensiveness of BMW is brimming day by day and hence the spy-shots of FAST (Family Activity Sports Tourer) had appeared on the internet briefing us about being one of the sibling from front-wheel drive family.

Though the talkative affluence of BMW is not steered clear yet, we can see a lot of cues which were expected by the industry while being transported to its destination somewhere in Europe.

The BMW FAST will underpin itself the compact UKL platform of BMW, and is said to be positioned between the mix of MPV and crossover BMW 1 Series. However, one may also call it a 1 Series GT with 5-seater or 7-seater, hope so the Bavarians may pronounce it the way as said when would reveal it at some press conferences in the hall of glorious motor shows.

Spyshots BMW Family Activity Sports Tourer
Engine specifications tend to follow footsteps of BMW’s new 1.5-liter engine; well the same may also trick i3’s eDrive hybrid powertrain for grooming the ongoing trend of BMW at the time of launch.

BMW Family Activity Sports Tourer

Spyshots BMW Family Activity Sports Tourer Back View
Image Courtesy: Autoevolution

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