BMW i8 Key: Coolest of all!

BMW i8 has spruced an all new era in the field of hybrid vehicles. Its price tag is also been more attractive for catching up with the niche. But does it key fob says that all? Well, a source on internet is claiming that posted image is of the BMW i8’s key fob.

However, there aren’t any confirmations from the official BMW accounts.

Looking at it, one can notice that it has a high-resolution LCD screen for displaying various information about the car, and on the sides buttons are planted for performing various actions. It is said that owners can check the charge of the car and other such related details form a certain distance on the key.

BMW i8 Key

Hence, if this mend to be the actual key fob of i8 then even placing it on the tables during meets or dinner will definitely make an statement of owning an brilliant BMW (called i8).

BMW i8 Key interiors

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