Mercedes Benz and Aston Martin are now tech partners

One of the most renowned sports car manufacturers, Aston Martin has decided to take the help of Mercedes Benz AMG resources in order to develop a V8 engine. The two companies were seen to form a partnership in July and are now going to share a common platform on the basis such technical partnership. One of the main reasons why Aston Martin has decided to be a part of this agreement is to avail the features that Mercedes Benz AMG models have. This would help Aston Martin in making its new V8 engine to a great extent.

Both the companies have planned to expand the terms of such partnership to even sharing the electronic operations, as the partnership is an opportunity for both the companies to increase their resources. The head of Aston Martin, Ullrich Benz has talked about both the companies sharing a common vehicular platforms and hopes that the deal can further expand to the other platforms like it has been seen in the case of VW Group and Porsche. It was quite evident that Porsche had used the VW Touareg as a platform at the time it started the production of Cayenne.

Mercedes Benz and Aston Martin are now tech partners

Aston Martin is looking forward to the upcoming year, as the company is completing a century and believes that its partnership with Mercedes Benz is a positive sign which would also help in the revival of the companies SUV segment cars. The companies are jointly aiming to manufacture luxurious sports cars with better fuel efficiency and increased performance along with their unique style and characteristics in order to take full advantage of the newly formed partnership.

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