BMW introduces Driver Training Program in India

BMW is looking to hone up the skills of their customers. They have introduced here in India a training program that will cater to their present customers and as well as prospective buyers. The training program is basically going to include hands on training to enhance responses and reaction time, improve steering maneuvers and also enable their loyal customers to know how to make best use of their products.

It is to be conducted in the Delhi NCR region and in Chennai during the period of two months in February and March 2012. This program can be applied for anyone currently owning a BMW or is a prospective buyer from in and around the Delhi, Gurgaon and Chennai region. BMW group India President, Andres Schaaf informed that this training would allow the driver to experience the full potential of the BMW and use the training to get a better experience from a drive.

BMW introduces Driver Training Program in India
The training is going to cover a number of areas and elements. It will instruct customers through various driving techniques and employ different routines to build up on reaction time. The instructors would also guide the drivers to go for the best sitting posture and steering wheel grip. Steering techniques, crash prevention maneuvers and quick yet non lethal braking techniques will also be looked into at these training facilities. The training would also lend the drivers some know-how and assistance to make that dynamic lane change and also preventing deliberately induced over or under steering at those close bends. This training is going to not only look into the ‘skill’ element in driving but also educate the drivers on the ‘psychological’ aspects of driving. More often than not accidents can be prevented by one sharp turn or a timely application of the brakes, but due to impairment in making quick decisions, in capability of making those quick decisions results in disasters and deaths. This training will consider all that which goes through the brain of a person behind the wheel facing a tough heart stopping situation and try to better educate its trainees in handling these situations.

All this and more is going to be provided to BMW customers at the training facility helping them to enrich their driving experience while at the same time, making them feel much more at ease behind the wheels.

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