Fiat may call on Chrysler portfolio for India

Fiat is evaluating chance of launching cars from its very own Chrysler portfolio in India. This means we might be welcoming Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler itself to India.

According to the Senior Vice President of corporate commercial of Fiat India, Mr. Enrico Atanasio, the company has been thinking over taking advantage of the Fiat-Chrysler alliance, and bringing the cars from the Chrysler portfolio to the local markets. He further went on to announce his interest in bringing the models from SUV segment, looking at rise in demands in recent years.

Fiat may call on Chrysler portfolio for India

Fiat is having a tough time in Indian market, and Atanasio seems confident with the plans of the Italian automaker to change the scenario.

The Indian customers are not a fan of dual-dealership, and Atanasio feels it is one of the reasons of their failure in India. Dual-dealership strategy is very common in European countries and has received tremendous response. This creates the chances that Fiat will do away with the dual existence with Tata Motors and expand its individual networks across the country.

Furthermore, the Italian carmaker has changed its marketing strategy with a brand-new advertising campaign. Under this, the cars will be featured as trimmed to suit Indian conditions, to attract more potential customers. Featuring this ‘India-tuned’ car will be robust air conditioning system, better ground clearance, stiffer suspensions, etc.

Atanasio did not give away on what cars will be coming to India from Fiat-Chrysler. However, he believes there is definite potential for growth under the SUV segment for India and China markets.

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