BMW makes its Magazine application available for the iPad

BMW is going to display its Magazine application at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. This application makes available to its readers a unique multimedia experience of its brand, which goes far beyond its printed version. Sound and video files along with a series of photos have been beautifully integrated into its layout. Additionally a game called “Find the Pair” is clearly adding a lot more value compared to the print version of the magazine. The Magazine application has been designed with a uniquely designed navigation system. It can be tapped, turned, tilted and swiped by the user, who can make use of the themes that have been mixed in a lively manner. The Magazine application also offers some nice video clips, enjoyable animation and additionally provides direct internet links that can provide the users with useful reading material along with the pleasure of listening and viewing exciting videos.

BMW makes its Magazine application available for the iPadBMW Magazine applications, including its Mobile Car Configuration are going to be made available to the iPad users. The users will be able to download the same from the App Store. However, the Indian version is only going to be available from the month of April 2012. The Mobile Car Configuration tool is going to prove useful for users who will now be able to customize their cars by making use of a varied range of inventory including color, wheel rims, upholstery and a lot more. Using the convenience of their iPad, users can completely configure the car according to their preference in an interactive and fun filled manner.

People, who are going to visit the Pavilion of BMW, will be provided with the opportunity of connecting with their online friends to share their feelings about the happenings in the Auto Expo by making use of the Connect Card from BMW. By making use of RFID technology, the Connect Card will give the visitors the capability to log in to their accounts on Facebook for posting pictures as well as highlighting their most preferred BMW Cars.

BMW Pavilion is also providing the visitors with the opportunity of having content directly downloaded to their phones using Bluetooth. Once you turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, it will immediate connect to the network of BMW inside its Pavilion and will offer you options of downloading videos and wallpapers pertaining to BMW cars.

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