BMW Mini gets more than 100 bookings in just a week

This is a news that BMW India could not wait to share with everybody. Making the news all the more special was the fact that it related to the sales of BMW Mini cars in the Indian auto market. Within just a week of BMW launching the four latest cars from its globally acknowledged passenger car brand, the Mini, the booking figure for the cars have crossed the figure of 100 units. This figure gets even more significant if one considers the fact that the closest rival of the Mini brand, the Beetle from Volkswagen, which has been offered at a price of approximately Rs.21 Lakh, has been able to sell just 59 units in the period between April and December in the financial year 2011-12.

BMW Mini gets more than 100 bookings in just a weekEven the Fiat 500, which has been priced around the Rs.14 Lakh mark, has not sold enough to be considered part of the competition. The iconic brand from Britain has been able to work wonders because of the huge brand value that it commands. It has also resulted in tension gripping its parent company, BMW, as bookings has already been made for 50% of the models that the company had earmarked for the full year. However, potential owners of the BMW Mini cars are going to have a longer waiting period considering the fact that these premium cars are not going to be delivered before April. It seems that the maximum numbers of sales are being generated by the Mini convertible and Mini crossover. Ironically, these two models of the Mini have been priced the maximum among the entire range of Mini Cars. The Mini Cars are being offered in the price range of Rs.25 Lakh to Rs.32 Lakh and both these cars have their prices skewed towards the higher figure.

Both the Cooper S as well as Mini Cooper hatchbacks from BMW are going to become treasured possessions of their owners thanks to the excellent design lines as well as uniqueness in their built, both the Mini convertible and Mini crossover have taken innovation to all new levels. Hence, even though these cars have been in the market for a significantly long period, they have been accepted with open arms by consumers in the Indian auto market. In fact, the aspect that the Mini Brand has been present for a long number of years is adding up to the antique value of this car. If the uniqueness that the crossover is providing with its high ground clearance is added to the antique aspect, its value is getting even more enhanced in the minds of the Indian consumers even in comparison to the other range of cars that the BMW Mini brand has offered to the Indian market.

BMW Mini gets more than 100 bookings in just a week

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