BMW’s M135i is a three-door hatch

We bought you the news last week of BMW launching its M performance package at the 2012 Geneva Motor show next month. But what we didn’t know was this. The German carmaker has announced that it will debut the BMW M135i concept, a gasoline-burning hatch with its new M Performance unit.

With this launch, BMW is expanding its fleet of M Division cars, a series of new performance oriented vehicles. Joining the series is a concept model, based around the latest 1-Series Hatchback. Not just any ordinary 1-Series, it’s the 135i variant of the hatch. The concept however, features a three-door hatchback body, unlike the 2012 1-Series, which was five-door.

BMW's M135i is a three-door hatch

BMW claims the concept 1-Series to be more dynamic and elongated in appearance, than its five-door variant. Talking of which, BMW M135i has rising character line, frameless windows and wider airvents on the bumper.

Making its debut, the BMW M135i concept has been developed by BMW’s M division, which has decades of experience in motorsport, which reflects in the suspension technology and aerodynamic characteristics.

BMW's M135i is a three-door hatch

We had already made an update on the M Performance components, which includes an upgraded braking system, 18-inch M light alloys, extensive use of carbon-fiber for weight reduction, and of course, the 3.0-litre turbocharged inline-six engine, tuned to give 300 horsepower.

Also launching at the Geneva Motor show, alongside BMW’s fleet of M-Performance cars, is the M-Performance parts. This includes parts for the 1-Series hatch and the 3 & 5 Series sedans.

BMW's M135i is a three-door hatch

BMW's M135i is a three-door hatch BMW's M135i is a three-door hatch

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