Bosch to invest Rs 2200 crore in India

It has been announced by the Bosch Group that they are going to make an investing amounting to Rs.2,200 crore in the Indian auto market. It has also been declared that the major component of this money is going to be utilized for enhancing its existing localized operations.

Bosch has also said that its Indian experts are going to be handed more responsibility in the global spectrum, particularly in the field of supporting its ECUs using software engineering.

Bosch has predicted that by 2013, it is going to be able to sell at least 7 million of its direct injection petrol systems and around 12 million of its diesel common-rail injection systems.

Bosch to invest Rs 2200 crore in IndiaBosch is presently the only manufacturer of the ABS system in the Indian auto market.

Bosch has also said that the main aim of the company is going to be the production of inexpensive safety systems that can be used in automobiles. The company is also aiming further reduction of the consumption of fuel of its engines by as much as 30%.

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