Toyota Etios Liva vs. Maruti Wagon R vs. Hyundai i10 – Car Comparison

With the base edition of the Etios Liva, Toyota, the car maker from Japan is trying to attract toward the car the customers of smaller hatchbacks like the Maruti Wagon R and the Hyundai i10. Hence, we decided to compare the Etios Liva to try and identify, which has the best potential to perform better in terms of sales in the Indian auto market.

Space Availability:

The Etios Liva easily triumphs over the Wagon R on the factors of power as well as space available inside. The car is longer by 20 to 25cm and has been provided with additional width of 10cm. Hence, in all practicality, it can effectively seat 5 passengers whereas the Wagon R gets a little bit cramped if the fifth passenger enters. The Hyundai i10 is also having similar space availability as compared to the Maruti Wagon R. Hence, the Etios Liva proves the most advantageous among all these cars in terms of availability of space.

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Toyota Etios Liva in India

Wagon R in India Hyundai i10 in India

Fuel Efficiency:

The Etios Liva and the Maruti Wagon R does not have anything to separate them in terms of fuel efficiency. The Hyundai i10 also operates in a similar range. Hence, there is nothing to separate these three cars on the criteria of mileage offered.

Engine Power:

As far as the peak power achieved by both the cars, the Liva with 80Bhp outscores the Wagon R that is restricted to around 67Bhp. The peak output of its motor of the Era, the base variant of the Hyundai i10, is 68Bhp. However, the higher variants of the i10 are provided with an engine that is more powerful offering a peak output of 79Bhp.

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Comfort Features:

The Wagon R and even the base variant of the Hyundai i10 have been provided with power windows and steering. This feature is not present in the base edition of the Liva. Then again, it can also be said that the Liva G, a higher end variant, costs Rs.4.59 Lakh and comes with power steering and windows.

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Safety Features:

None of the base edition cars that operate in the same price range have been provided with ABS as well as EBD. By paying Rs.50,000 more, one gets access to the Liva V that is provided with enhanced safety features including the ABS along with EBD.

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Toyota Etios Liva in India

Wagon R in India Hyundai i10 in India


The base editions of all the three vehicles are available in approximately the same price bracket of Rs.4 Lakh and not much can separate the three cars in this aspect.

Service Centers:

This is one aspect in the Indian auto market in which Maruti is the undisputed leader. None of the automobile companies can match the service levels that Maruti provides. Hyundai also has taken significant steps in improving its serviceability factor and it cannot be deemed poor by any standards. This is one aspect where the Etios Liva is going to considerably fall short.

Overall Verdict:

Considering the fact that Indian families are traditionally large, the Etios Liva from Toyota could gain preference over both the Maruti Wagon R as well as the Hyundai i10, on the basis of the space that is provided in its interiors. However, one also cannot overlook the fact that after sales service is a critical factor while making purchase decisions and the other two cars are considerably ahead in this aspect.

Toyota Etios Liva interior Hyundai i10 interior Wagon R interior

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