Bugatti Belt Buckle Costs a Whopping $84,000!

Bugatti Veyron is the world’s fastest car which we bet has no competition till date. While confirming its exclusivity once again, it came to our knowledge that the French supercar maker has also dwelled a 44-unit limited edition belt buckle for pants which is priced at $84,000.

However, some days back we learnt the Bugatti shown off the $100,000 limited edition hookah, restricted only for 60 buyers. Now the buckle of a belt which seems costing almost similar to a Porsche 911 has taken up the limited-edition competition more seriously.

The Bugatti buckle is built by Roland Iten, a famous boutique owner in Geneva, Switzerland. He used the Swiss watch making technologies for making this buckle, doling in the 100 handmade components made from stainless steel, solid gold and titanium. Distributed in the series of 11, first series was built with white gold finish, the other one with rose gold, and the rest of them are yet to be produced. Smoked sapphire crystal is placed on the front for displaying all its components, which the maker says is adopted delving technologies like one of the Bugatti cars.

Bugatti Belt Buckle Costs a Whopping $84,000
Hope so, the only ultimately rich would be able to buy a one of the ‘Roland Iten built Bugatti belt buckle’. While the commons would be drooling over either to buy a Porsche for the same cost, or hold up their pants with one of the most mechanized engineering marvel from Bugatti.

Bugatti Belt Buckle Costs

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