Bugatti Workshop: Inside view of the world’s fastest car maker

Others cars may be produced in a factory or workshop, but it’s quite different for world’s quickest and coolest supercar. Bugattis are made in an Atelier, which is French word for workshop but in English it is most commonly used to define an artist’s studio.

Volkswagen acquired the declining marque in 1998, and decided to resurrect Bugatti at its own birth place. The older building had to be renovated and today it has Administrative office on the first floor with a lobby which has been converted into a museum thathouses one of the six of Bugatti’s Royale.

Near to main house there is a viewing studio where clients could select seats, interiors and other detailing that will fit into their Bugatti Veyron.

Bugatti Workshop  Inside view of the world's fastest car maker

At Atelier you will be greeted by a monastic silence, unlike the other workshops that greets you with the sounds of rattling hammers and deafening music. This elliptical building is quite compact measuring only 249×147 ft with three workstations. At each workstation, a team of five dedicated engineers, responsible for interior, exterior, chassis, electrics and powertrain assembles Bugatti’s creations.

Bugatti Veyron is not manufactured here but rather a series of component arrives from different parts of Europe and they are just joined together by Bugatti’s ‘craftsmen’. VW builds the engine and transmission which comes from British specialists. AP racing supplies the brakes and Michelin provides the unique tires rated for 248 mph. In all there are about 10 suppliers that provide important components for the car.

Bugatti Workshop  Inside view of the world's fastest car maker

Each of the cars is personalized as per the customer choice. So once a customer places the request, Bugatti orders the components from its suppliers. Depending upon the specification, the process may take up to four months. Then it takes about four to six weeks more to assemble the car. A checklist is prepared and car is made to go through all the vigorous testing before it is delivered to the customers.

Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Veyron

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