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Mahindra and Mahindra have been making it big in the Indian as also international scene recently however I am sure that not many of us know that Mahindra has been manufacturing trucks, tractors and pick ups also. When you go into the market for picking up a pickup vehicle or any other vehicle for commercial purposes, then it would be a chaos as to which one to buy. Don’t worry Indiandrives has taken this initiative to educate you guys about the probable pros and cons and more so starting with Mahindra and Mahindra now. I hope this would be helpful to all our readers in the long run.

Mahindra Alfa :

This is actually a three wheeler or rickshaw as we call it and Mahindra’s first effort at the 3 wheeler market. The salient features include doors which protect the driver and passengers from the elements as also an all metal cabin. With this 3 wheeler, Mahindra are looking to focus on driver and passenger safety, features which other like TVS and Bajaj have ignored. It smaller footprint and clever interior packaging make it ideal for our Indian  roads. Like all Mahindra vehicles, even this one has been built on a rugged chassis which can withstand the rigors of traveling in potholed Indian roads. There are two variants namely the diesel variant as also the CNG one. The former produces 7.3 Bhp of power and 1.7 kgm of torque from its 395 cc engine whereas the CNG variant brings in 8.1 bhp of power and 2.1 kgm of torque. The GVW of both the variants is pegged at 995 kgs.

Mahindra Gio :

The smallest and definitely the oddest looking from Mahindra’s range of 4 wheeler cargo vehicles, the Gio promises a wider cabin space and best in class fuel efficiency. Speaking of mileage, the fuel efficiency is pegged at 30 kmpl. It also brings in car like comfort with features like ABC, i.e accelerator, brake and clutch. It promises to be a great drive overall. It has got only a diesel engine which is the need in this segment. The diesel engine has an output of 9.5 Bhp of power and 2.2 Kgm of torque from its 442 cc single cylinder engine. 1.1 tonnes is what its GVW is rated at.

Mahindra Maxximo :

The bigger than Gio and too common styling is how one would describe the Mahindra Maxximo. The latter however promises wrap around clear lens head lamps, two tone interiors which are present only in cars, drive by wire accelerator, cable gear shift for its 4 gears as also booster assisted brakes for safe braking. It gets a bigger diesel engine than the Gio. The 909 cc two cylinder engine with CRDe technology produces 25 Bhp of power and 5.5 Kgm of torque. The Maxximo also promises a good ride quality due to its independent front suspension. 1.8 tonnes is the Gross Vehicle Weight of this small commercial vehicle.

Mahindra Bolero Maxi truck :

Based on the Mahindra Bolero UV, this truck is the oldest of all the commercial vehicles in the Mahindra lineup. Mahindra fans would swear by the Bolero’s off road capability, its ability to take abuse and also its high fuel efficiency and overall low maintenance. It uses the same engine as in the Mahindra Bolero. The 2523 cc diesel engine makes 62 Bhp of peak power whereas the peak torque is rated at 18 Kgm. Now this Maxi truck is also available with the Micro Hybrid technology. This system which proved to be extremely useful in the Scorpio has contributed to even more fuel efficiency in the Bolero which has actually been upped by 10% now. The system basically turns off the engine at signals. Moreover, the power of this vehicle enables it to cruise effortlessly between cities as also on the highway.

Mahindra Genio :

This pickup was launched a few months back in India and is based on the Mahindra Xylo. It is a 1.25 tonne pick up which will help the medium and small businesses. The Mahindra Genio features truly international styling, has good interior comfort, technology and other features on its sides. It gets the 2489 cc CRDe MDI engine wh9ich pumps in 75 Bhp of peak power whereas the 22.0 kgm torque make it light footed both in the city and on the highway. It also boasts of some off-roading capability as well.

Since we are starting a new section of commercial vehicles Buyers Guide, this is just the first part of the series that would follow soon. Indiandrives has and would always commit to taking the automobile world to the next level.

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