Gold plated Volkswagen Touareg for sale now

If anyone has heard or seen the movie Goldfinger from the Bond series, then he/she would relate to the gold plated armored Rolls Royce from that movie. Volkswagen have taken a cue from that movie and have built their own Volkswagen Touareg with gold platings. Needless to say, this vehicle is been projected at the Sheikhs in Dubai who love the glittering metal. This Touareg is the built on the same specifications as the ones used for the Paris Dakar rally. It is a known fact that the Volkswagen Touaregs have won most of one of the world’s grueling rallies, the Paris Dakar rallies. This legally approved for road use Touareg is unlike the version that is usually sold and is over two meters wide.

The version which is gold plated is now available in a ‘Magic Morning’ color which gets a gold shimmer to it. The wheels of this car are 18 inches with gold platings for that embellished look. This car would also carry the “Race Touareg” signature on its sides and this signature would also be in 24 karat gold. It would have been prudent enough for Volkswagen India to actually bring one of these models to India as we Indians love gold and there would be many takers for this car.

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