Buyers Guide to buy a 4×4

The 4×4 is been on a great demand in India. And everyone out there wanting to have a one underneath their four-wheelers so that they can be situations-ready, at the time they would come across the some muddy field and sludge landscaped farm-house entrance. But the question is, do one really knows what the actual 4×4 means? In fact that’s easy to answer, the traction being applied on all the four wheels of the vehicles; but the term in our automobile dictionary says, the sophisticated skinned vehicle which is more of luxury and is also capable of turning out sand from its bumpers when got stuck in such terrains. One cannot get into the extreme off-roading activities while jumping onto its seats. However, it is no doubt those luxuriously covered metal sheeted vehicle of 4×4 traction cannot cover the extremely rough terrains, but the disappointing fact to it is that may cause its owners a heavy bill of suspensions and other replacements when making it to perfect after the day’s activity of off-road. Commenting one of the friends was having the Range Rover Sport in Pune, and he decided to explore one of the harshest terrains there during monsoon.  There isn’t any doubt that we trespassed the slush and gravel with ultra niche comfort and luxury, but when he placed that vehicle in the servicing bay of Range Rover, he was shocked to see the estimate that they had given to him for fixing the “slight” damages which had been caused to the vehicle during the course of adventure. For those sorts of activities we suggest to follow the suites of off-roader like Mahindra Thar which is quite cost-efficient to build it up after the damages, and is also powerful to grunt pass those terrains with ease. Lest, we are not here to discuss which one of the off-roaders/SUV to buy, but instead this time our discussion is of guiding you for choosing the right 4×4 extravaganza.

Do one really need a 4×4?

First thing first, do ask yourself a question that you really need a 4×4? Or it is the sake of fun that everyone is having it so why not me. If for that purpose only you are buying the all-traction metal, avoid it. It will usurp more of the fuel than the one sided traction vehicle, while the maintenance bill will also be every-time high. On the other side of flip, one who had farmhouse and more oftenly he pay a visit there, and apart from that if one who also visits it only at sometimes, then we suggest those people having the AWD vehicle in their garage will be definitely a beneficiary option for them.   Apart from that if you are entitled to make most of your rounds in the city itself, and your’ trips almost conclude at some of the hotel-meetings room, dropping kids to their school, making purchase at the grocery store and the other such sorts, then also avoid the 4×4 from your vehicle buying list. It will be just an additional burden of expenditure on your shoulder which you will not result in an enjoyable experience at all.

Buyers Guide to buy a 4x4

Is it affordable?

We had been already kept about the maintenance cost of the 4x4s, but before it come the purchasing cost. Maintenance and owning cost of these vehicles doesn’t fall easy on the pockets. And if by chance, the tag price of it may find your pocket lucrative then the running-cost standing at the back would be eyeing you gruesomely to pounce upon those ounce of buck lying there in pocket.

Diesel, petrol, or hybrid?

We know that this questions pose a non-sense indignity in itself, but as one of our friend had posed it to us so we thought of giving a chance you too. The sky-rocketing prices of petrol in India is making the gasoline option somehow impossible for we Indians, but still in our country there are lots of people who afford to make the most of it while driving the vehicles in their best possible role. Leaving those people behind, the only option what is left with us is the diesel in India. Despite given down with the high owning cost, running cost of comes down very immensely, and it makes some senses too for it to be driven here. Lastly, the hybrid drivetrain is not available in India, but for sure some day or the other it will land here too. When there is a need of any product in market, people there look to make innovations for being quite unique in their stances. ‘Going green’ is the slogan of upcoming generations, so this sort of vehicles may land sooner or later, but exactly when it is still not known. Out of the all three, the latter two stands frugally on our list. And from the diesel and hybrid, we suggest oil burners looking at the condition as of now.

Folks this much questions we think is enough for the today’s session, and this article was clearly aimed to feel the basics what one can see the consequence in future when would buy the said. If these sort of niggle doesn’t bother you anything then follow the next part of this series.

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