Kenyan carmaker Mobius Motors launches one of the world’s cheapest off-roader for $6,000!

The Kenyans are not expected of this, but their immediate need of getting a rugged off-roader for suffering their worsening local roads condition and also the dwindling economy compelled to take up this step. The Mobius Motors of Kenya launched one of the world’s cheapest off-roader for as low starting price as $6000. Though the production had already started and soon we expect the deliveries to also commence.

Named as “Mobius Two”, the off-roader is a boxy two-door vehicle designed to invade less-travelled rough roads of rural Africa.

Mobius Two can usurp six to eight adults at a time. Two bench-seats placed over the rear wheel arches do their job best to make this vehicle a success.  In addition, the Mobius Two can also be transformed into a 1,100-pound payload pickup truck if those rear seats are folded down. Hence, it is the combo of an off-road passenger carrier and the utility pickup truck.

Joel Jackson, a British computer engineer, Mobius founder, pinned this aforementioned vehicle with the tubular steel frame underneath, which can be safely welded back to the original strata if got broken. Hence, this type of innovation will not entertain the use of any expensive tools for the reformation of vehicle, making it a right move as per to the context of present conditions in rural Africa. In addition, approximately 35% of its parts are locally sourced, so it evades the reliability of organization on other countries for most of the time in the production process.

Kenyan carmaker Mobius Motors

Precise technical specifications are not manageable to be obtained now, but what we had gotten from the sources says, two Toyota sourced gasoline (petrol) four-cylinder are engulfed in its bay. It’s because a couple of those Japanese jags will make the mill send good fuel economy to the owners, and moreover they also are well-versed with the local mechanics, which means low maintenance cost on the other end too. And five-speed manual transmission, provided with the traction on four-wheels is a delight to the Mobius Two.

Lest, what the vehicle is targeted to, the Mobius Motors aims of selling 500 units of ‘Mobius Two’ by this year-end, and that too at a base price of $6000 (which roughly accumulates up to 360,000 INR) Hope so, looking at this price and the value given, it can safely termed as one of the world’s cheapest SUV.

Sadly, we expect the carmaker doesn’t had any plans for it to be exported right now, but one may see it as a strong envy to any of the vehicle present in their country that is claiming of providing such ruggedness for this low cost.

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