Buyers Review Of Datsun GO Plus MPV

Datsun GO Plus in India is a straight answer to many cars of different segments with regards to its price tag. Starting from Rs 3.79 lakh, it has challenged the others very stiffly. Certainly, Datsun got a game changer for many. Here is a firsthand report what the customers had reported they liked, and they don’t, about this “compact family wagon”, to mind that Datsun isn’t claiming it as MPV.

Free-Revving Engine

The engine was a major constraint for the Nissan’s sub-brand engineer to deliver finesse from it. They are reported to have brought minute changes in the engine making it worth carrying 7-passengers as against the hatchback GO. A 1.2-litre 3-cylinder unit of the Nissan Micra and Datsun GO sends a whopping 68bhp and 109Nm of torque.


The driving ergonomics and ease in handling such a big car is needed to be applauded for. Designers did their job very dutifully by cutting a huge chunk to a size that suits the roads of India. Even the drivetrain is assembled with precision, where a first time driver doesn’t need to adjust a lot.

Datsun GO Plus MPV

No Features

The cost cutting has been carried out extensively here. Even the seat belts have to be manually adjusted. More to it, the glove box don’t get a lid, and the dashboard is plane. Obviously, when all the basics are given a cut here, then how could the brand be positioning safety tricks inside the cabin?

Qualitative Interiors

Though, the automaker hadn’t believed on quantity, it hadn’t left out quality yet. Those components used inside the car are quite qualitative. Even the feel to switch gear and plastic are assertive. Plastic grains too don’t feel of a sub-standard. Headlights, wipers, and AC have been of the best standard for doing their task.

Third Row…A Spoof

The third row seating may have drawn number of buyers to the showroom, but reality is such an addition is comfortable only for children under 10 years. Full-grown adults will not be able to get over that bench.

New Datsun GO Plus MPV

Ample Of Boot Space

If don’t have kids to join you for a drive, then folded-down third row can make way for a huge boot. Those who will still find it small, the second row seats do fold down and gives a highly usable space for cargos.

Ride Quality

At the last, car sells due to its ride quality. And it is undoubted the GO+ offer simply good ride quality in the segment. Suspensions are finely tuned to soak up the bumps. Front end makes up the most of efforts for staying floated on the rough patches, but certainly it tends to lose at most. However, when looked down to the price tag, it apparently got one of the best ride qualities which money can buy.

Infotainment System

Simple infotainment system with AUX input is what can be explained how tremendously the cost has been shred. Cradle for hanging up smartphone isn’t suitable to hold the larger devices.

Buyers Review Of Datsun GO Plus MPV


The airbag variant of Datsun GO Plus has been launched, with a one on the driver’s side, but it sorely missed out, as company is able to bring it in the market only after the first half of 2015. Hence, the safety is one important aspect needed to be looked after here, because the compact wagon of Datsun will be majorly purchased by families.

Overall, the GO Plus is a good car to drive and the best that money can buy in the given price band. But the safety shall not be missed out, because the major buyers here will be the families.

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