CEAT Drives Road Safety Awareness Through Kids

The Road Safety Week that began with CEAT on 10th January 2015 is seeing a Nation Wide Road Safety drive for the awareness of adopting safety measures and their importance. In the recent effort, CEAT has engaged with 500 children in Mumbai aged 5-10 years to explain them about the drive and how it is important in daily life. The initiative was meant to compel their parents towards a safe driving. Campaign titled as ‘Drive Safe Dad’; as a part of the campaign CEAT recorded message of children which will be relayed to their parents over the phone.

CEAT Drives Road Safety Awareness Through Kids

The activity also included allowing kids to share their traveling experience with parents in their vehicles.

To give them an early start in the school days, importance of honking was made them understand. Even the use of zebra crossings, boards of school and hospitals indicating a no-honking zone were were inculcated in the activity.

CEAT Drives Road Safety Awareness Through Kids

Very importantly, the tyre manufacturer also took time to explain why the seat belts and helmets are important, and how the situations can become critical if not applied them rightly.

The venue was KidZania Mumbai where CEAT conducted the workshop.

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