Chevrolet Beat Diesel Launched in Andhra Pradesh

GM India recently launched the Chevrolet Beat diesel variant in India, as it hopes to boost its sales volume with the increasing demand for diesel cars in the market. The Chevrolet Beat was earlier available in LPG and Petrol powered variants. The company launched this car on Monday in Andhra Pradesh.

The Vice President of GM India, P. Balendran said that the models which were offered in both diesel and petrol variants saw the share of their petrol powered variants go up by as much as 70%. Meanwhile, in the market, the ratio stood at 60% in favour of diesel variants over petrol variants. He also stated that the diesel Beat is available in 3 different variants to choose from.

The invitation prices, which are valid till two months, include INR 4.37 lakhs for the Beat PS, entry level variant, INR 5.08 lakhs for the LT, and INR 4.68 lakhs for the LS variant. Following its launch back in January 2010, the Chevrolet Beat has managed to sell around 45,000 units so far.

He also added that while the market is still sluggish, and the industry facing a tough road ahead, GM will still continue to grow by 20 to 25% in 2011, in comparison to last year’s 30% growth. The company is also planning to introduce around 5 models at least within the next 2 years, including the launch of a hatchback, a sedan and a utility vehicle. They are also expanding the production capacity at their manufacturing plant in Halol to 1,10,000 units from the current 85,000 units. They are also planning on ramping up their production capacity at their plant in Talegaon, for increasing the current production level to 1,60,000-3,00,000 cars and 1,40,000 engine.

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