Chevrolet Captiva recalled for overheating of its steering fluid

Recent buyers of the Chevrolet Captiva have all the reasons to feel worried. A mechanical error that both the 2011 as well as the 2012 editions of the Chevrolet Captiva has developed has the potential to escalate to causing major safety threats for the vehicle. The incident has really become a major headache for General Motors as it has been gearing up for huge plans with this vehicle in the upcoming Delhi Auto Expo in January 2012. Apparently, the fluid that the steering wheel carries inside it is believed to be the source of this problem. The problem, which is restricted to manual transmission versions of the vehicle, is causing the fluid inside the steering to overheat, particularly when the vehicle is on its first gear. This could heat up to such proportions that the threat of the car catching fire cannot be ruled out.

Chevrolet Captiva recalled for overheating of its steering fluidAs mentioned, the problem has been found to exist in both its 2011 as well as 2012 variants of the Chevrolet Captiva. The auto giant has, in fact, already identified 15,627 car units that have the mentioned flaw. This could prove to be a major blow to General Motors, India in general and the Chevrolet Captiva, with respect to the Indian auto market. This is because the Captiva has been one of the best selling vehicles offered by GM India and has achieved excellent sales all across the country. However, it seems that GM India seems to have been favored by luck at least in one aspect. The detection of the fault has come at a stage when its latest edition Chevrolet Captiva has not yet been launched for sales in the Indian market. It also comes at a stage when the company is still weighing options regarding assembling this SUV locally, as part of its future plans.

Chevrolet Captiva recalled for overheating of its steering fluidIf this fault had been detected at a later date, it would have been too easy for the parent company to place the total blame of this huge blunder squarely on GM India. But, it does not seem very likely that this small mechanical error will create such a massive impact that the tremendous reputation, which the GM brand has built over so many years, is going to be spoilt. This problem can be viewed as a small obstacle that the car manufacturer is going to endure in the, otherwise, tremendous successful path that is in front of it in 2012. As has been reported in Indian Drives earlier, General Motors is on the verge of bringing out 5 latest cars designed for its Indian customers in 2012. With the view of addressing another major issue, GM could work out an agreement with BMW to come out with engines that are environmentally friendly as well high in fuel efficiency. For the same, it is being said that the two companies are jointly developing a new technology based on hydrogen cells.

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