Chevrolet Trailblazer vs New Ford Endeavour vs Toyota Fortuner: Upcoming SUVs Spec Comparison

The definition of SUVs in India has been always held as the vehicle with massive ground clearance standing on huge four wheels, domination spelled from every aspect, and at the end of day it shall be pricey to command a status quo. Cashing this equation immensely, Toyota with its Fortuner had made fortunes of profits, compelling others to do so. Living in a democratic country that runs on the tunes of mixed-economy structure always tends to bring number of options before the buyers for a wise decision, and no exception the Ford Endeavour had been serving the segment along with Toyota for long past, where the Chevrolet has rolled up its sleeves to bring the giant looking Trailblazer SUV on the sales floor of this country after receiving warm response at the Delhi Auto Expo 2014. This Chevy SUV will replace the Captiva for the sake of not going expectedly well in the lifespan. Ford’s new version of the Endeavour too will be rolled out this year at the cost of ongoing model. This intense situation of the SUV sect had brought us on the standstill to pen down the perfect answer by comparing each of them on paper. The actual test drive account will milk altogether the real time driving status, but before going on the steering wheel, studying about the claims made by their makers will prove beneficiary towards a justified judgment. Read on to find more about those SUVs that soon will be found battling and screeching their metals by rubbing the shoulders in the league.


Though, two of the three SUVs, except Toyota, will see a new face in the country, so for a large extent this quotient will keep the buyers looking around for them. Ford’s model is based on the pickup, which translates it to have a greater wheelbase than the Fortuner. And the Trailblazer in international market is stretched by 2850mm between the wheels, which if launched the same way would be the roomiest SUV for the category. Chevy’s prominent bowtie logo will capture the front at the very glimpse, where one can’t exclude some cues are drawn from the Captiva as well.

Chevrolet Trailblazer vs New Ford Endeavour vs Toyota Fortuner: Upcoming SUVs Spec Comparison


The trio are bound to share the similar list of features, with each of them having the common clicks like climate control, touchscreen infotainment system with navigation, steering mounted controls, Bluetooth connectivity, rear parking camera, leather themed interiors, ABS with EBD, dual front airbags and vehicle stability program. Above all, 17-inch wheels give all of them the dominance for which they have entered the market.


The engine specifications of the Trailblazer are still not confirmed, but in international markets the maker sells it with the options of 2.5-litre and 2.8-litre. The former is managed to produce the max power of 161bhp being supported only on two-wheel drive layout, but the latter yet bigger beats the heat of completion with the output like 197bhp accompanied by 6-speed auto transmission and four-wheel drive layout.

Ford’s options for this list can be said with the 2.5-litre of 141bhp or else the 3.0-litre worth of 154bhp with 4WD and five-speed auto gearbox. Five-speed manual is for the stock model of Endeavour.


Prices have played intuitively in making the fortunes for Fortuner. But still there is some scope for other carmakers to bite into the segment by keeping the ownership cost very low, whereas the styling and power packed into them are enough for setting the pace. Those referred to buy Toyota always end up saving huge on the maintenance due to its build to last quality, translating the typical Indian audience to fall for it with every penny that could be shelled. Such an attitude in the rivalry would be a shortcut to success for the SUV category if other makers wished of making huge bucks in a very short span of time.

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