China gets the largest dealership of Bentley in Asia with the launch of Limited Edition Mulsanne

The Bentley Motors of United Kingdom has opened up its largest showroom in Asia, in Sanlitun of China. This inauguration of the showroom was bedazzled with the fleet of 60 distinctly styled special edition cars of Mulsanne. This was done to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The 60 fabulous Diamond Jubilee edition of Mulsanne represents every year of the reign of Her Majesty while these artistic work has been crafted by the Bentley’s Mulliner branch’s craftsmen and women. These recherche cars are given some really bewitching handcrafted attributes; all four of its headrests have gold embroidery while the rear cabin has extenuated picnic tables with gold overlay. All of this delineates a royal carriage that is used only at times of grand and luxurious occasions of the royal state.

China gets the largest dealership of Bentley in Asia with the launch of Limited Edition Mulsanne

The famed inscription of ‘Bentley Mulliner England’ has been done on the treadplate plaques which are made of fine stainless steel that is highly polished to show off the royal status of the car. Bentley Motors England owns the Bentley Mulliner that constitutes a very special division for Bentley where cars of limited edition are being made and offered by the team of Mulliner. The special hide and paint colours with different shades and combinations of blue, red and white make these special edition cars absolutely separate from the other models of Bentley. According to Mr. Richard Charlesworth, the Director of Royal and VIP Relations, Bentley Motors, “China has displayed a good volume of honour and authentic interest towards the demeanor of the British Life and the Royal Family; this has been a very genuine experience for the brand.”

Mr. Richard Charlesworth later added that these handcrafted cars are their way of recompensing the appreciation and artistry the firm has got from the Chinese counterpart and as the dignified holder of the Royal Warrant, the firm wishes to gift the country of China few unforgettable examples of craftsmanship and technology.

China gets the largest dealership of Bentley in Asia with the launch of Limited Edition Mulsanne

In the recent years China has come up as the biggest market for the Bentley Motors, which is very much evident from the figure this British car manufacturer delivered an exact number of 1,664 luxury cars to the market of China in the year of 2011. This particular figure has grown by 84.66 percent in the very first quarter of the present year. The market for Bentley is anticipated to grow further up as the firm is bringing its fresh convertible Continental variants and peak-performing coupe to its consumers of China in the year 2012.

The Bentley Mulsanne has its own kind of flair that emulates the truest spirit of the firm and the nation of Britain. These luxurious masterpieces make sure that the aw-inspiring reaction that is followed by the experience covered in a luxury that is handcrafted by the finest in the trade has a performance which is ultra-refined. The use of top-end technology and interiors suited for the royalty makes the carriage an unforgettable moment of sight in the visitors or user’s heart and mind.

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