Continental Produces Fuel Pumps Locally in India

Just recently, Continental Automotive Systems India Ltd. said that it will start delivering a locally produced in-tank fuel pump in the market, meant for compact cars, being made at its Pune production facility that was opened in June 2012.

For delivering the commitment of localizing its offering as per the markets, and also to upkeep that same global standards, the pump is said to be made in a clean room environment, standard restricted pre-testing, and a lot of other process to ensure the adherence towards commitment. Standing with the investment of 2 million Euro in this project, Continental is presently targeting entry level passenger car segment, further taking tolls even on two wheelers at a near future. Very recently for the confirmation, company had dispatched its first consignment of localized pumps, and also looking for the scope of localization strategy in other traits like gasoline and diesel gerotor pumps.

Continental Automotive Systems
Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Anurag Garg, head of Continental’s Pune location, said, “In 2012, we inaugurated product lines for fuel rail assemblies and fuel pumps at our Pune facility. Additionally, we set up a test and validation lab in Bangalore that ensures local testing infrastructure and competence. We are now ready with our first localized pump for the compact passenger car segment. We are committed to providing market specific, relevant offerings to our local customers in India and are making steady progress on this front.”

Moreover, Continental is gradually adapting the trend of Indian markets, and the overall production of fuel modules here will give them a competitive edge to stand frugal over the rivals, added Dr. Markus Distelhoff, Head of the global Business Unit.

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