Creators of Sexy Ads for Ford Figo are Fired

Creators of the sexy ads for Ford India are now fired, and they should be, because India is still dwindling with outrageous of Delhi rape case and these guys were going with another sort of nuisance.

Lest of all, Ford India had apologized for the same while the outsourced advertising firm WPP too had sent an apologetic email. WPP added, those visuals were created by the JWT India (a unit of WPP) where individuals themselves had only created and posted visuals on internet sites, without the consent of organization. Those grievances were not even ordered by Ford India, and it is their own piece of creativity.

In the advertisement, one can see former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi behind steering wheel with tied-up girls in the boot of his Figo. This same sort of scenario is done with Paris Hilton and Michael Schumacher with Kadarshian trios and Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Sebestian Vettel in their trunk respective of hatchbacks. On conclusion, all the three posters mentioned “leave your worries behind”, which now seems worries had become a vying factor for the officials itself. It will be interesting to see where they will leave those worries, on a new Boss or his newly setup Organization!

Creators of Sexy Ads for Ford Figo

Ford Figo Celebration Edition is a new launch from the American carmakers and is expected to snatch some of the market share in hatchback segment at a near future, meanwhile, EcoSport is also in the pipeline slated to launch somewhere after June.

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