New small engines are in the development phase for Tata Motors

According to the sources, Tata Motors is working on a range of new small engines for the Indian market. These engines will be housed in the two upcoming variants of Nano Hatchback, branded as Nano Diesel and Nano 800. The engines will be more fuel efficient and will be able to produce high torque on demand. Currently the engine is in test phase and it is quite difficult to speculate an adequate time for their addition to the Nano fleet.

Currently Tata Nano is being powered by a 624 cc petrol engine, which is already one of the most fuel efficient engines in the country. Tata Motors is planning to step ahead with the introduction of the Diesel and CNG variant of the car in 2013. If the Tata Motors houses 800 cc engine in the Nano then it surely will give a tough competition to the segment leader Maruti Alto 800. The Tata Nano scores more in terms of passenger space. Although car looks smaller from outside it still beats Alto 800 in terms of space. Nano is comparatively easier to park in the congested city parking and also hires a more effective air conditioning system. Despite of the several pros, pricing will be the one factor that will be playing a crucial role over here.

Tata Nano

Nano with a diesel powertrain is expected to be priced at around Rs. 2.5 lakhs. With a price like this it will be one of the cheapest diesel cars in the Indian market. But most of the experts want Tata to work on noise, vibrations, and harshness in the vehicle. In addition to that the diesel power house will also make this vehicle heavy that will be affecting its performance and acceleration. The new engine will help Tata to push up Nano sales. Currently several models of Nano are being stocked at Sanand Plant in Gujarat and it is also believed that the Jamshedpur plant will also remain closed for 11 days as a part of periodic maintenance. Most of the industry experts believe that refreshment is required in the Nano campaign to target wider variety of audience. Though the sale of Tata Nano and other vehicles are currently running at a slow pace but it is hoped that it will gain some momentum in coming months.

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