Datsun Go Plus To Be Introduced In Indonesia This July For Under Rs. 5.4 Lakh

Datsun, an automobile brand owned by the Nissan Motor Company, will be introducing its GO+ multipurpose vehicle in Indonesia this July and will retain a price of being under Rs. 5.4 lakhs, in spite of recent currency fluctuations. A report on Indonesian website states that the currency fluctuation has affected imported vehicles and locally manufactured vehicles. The impact is so vast that even cats with up to 80% of local content have raised their prices. The Datsun GO+ was originally introduced in Indonesia at Indonesian International Auto Show in September 2013. Realizing the spirit of the risers, the GO+ was designed and engineered as a movable yet cozy family lounge. Its design is contemporary with strong shoulder line and sleek, dynamic silhouette. The clean body styling makes it a crowd standout.

The exterior of Datsun GO+ will convey style and agility in a compact vehicle; however inside GO+, it expresses space. Families will have plenty of room for passengers and their bags, packages and other cargo through smart seating configuration for the front, second and extra third row seats. Same as Datsun GO, one way Datsun designers made the most of interior space for GO+ was to integrate the parking brake lever and gear-shift knob with the instrumental panel, yielding more floor space. Friends and family can come together in a comfortable, inviting space, which has thoughtfully designed. Look for a whole new level of customer satisfaction with GO+.

Datsun GO Plus MPV

Fun to drive, highly maneuverable and agile, the Datsun GO+ will offer comfortable seating for seven passengers and deliver comfort and security for you and your passengers. Tested in local and extreme road and weather conditions, Datsun GO+ has proven itself reliable and durable as well. Whether carrying you through your busy work days or meeting your weekend relaxing and recharging weekend needs, Datsun GO+ is a perfect mobility solution for risers. The multipurpose vehicles will be introduced in Indonesia this July and will be designed and engineered on the same platform like Nissan Micra. Motivation for the GO+ will come from the same three-cylinder 1.2 liter petrol powerplant, which is good for producing 68 horsepower with 104 newton meters of torque. The engine will be teamed up with a five-speed manual transmission.

Datsun GO Plus MPV Interiors


  • Width: 1635mm
  • Length: 3995mm
  • Wheelbase: 2450mm
  • Height: 1485mm

New Datsun GO Plus MPV

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