DC Designs Hyundai Elantra: Love it or Hate it!

After every interval of time, there are things which keep on sprouting from the stable of DC in India. Honestly we too aren’t bored of seeing those modified bugs, but instead it is an inspiration for many of the carmaker to take cues from him. Lest, these days the India based aftermarket car designer is now seeking a lot interest in the conventional layman’s metals. Though he is famous for the big bucks too, but the poor man’s Mercedes range now are getting high dose of attraction from the DC badge, and here the time and again DC had lent us pictures of the modified Hyundai Elantra to cheer upon.

Looking at it in every detail, the modified Elantra had got lashes of red around the interiors, and a minute streaming same colored streak running across the crease of car from front to rear on exteriors. Brand new honeycomb-type mesh front grille, fresh fog lamps, and brand new set of alloys combined with the matte black paint job makes it to look more attractive than before from outside. There are additional air intakes too placed on the front being marked in red strip, escorted with the side skirt on both the sides, reclining it to mark the signature authority of DC in all blowing aspects. The hot and crispy triangular exhaust note, and the doorsill overlapped in the red colored rubber cladding terming Hyundai logo in the centre displays the designers concept regarding clarity in minute details too.

DC Designs Hyundai Elantra
Steering wheel to rear seats, everything is seems draped in luxurious jaws of black and red leather. However, we shouldn’t be terming this with the Hyundai Elantra but some of our temptations speak, when the DC is designing a Korean then why to buy the British and Italian bugs for their ‘ultimate luxury’. Hopefully our intuition is right when one will see the other modified designs of DC called as Renault Duster, Nissan Sunny, Mahindra XUV500, Toyota Innova and many more from the astonishing hand of master designer “Dillip Chhabria-DC”.

Dc Design Elantra Interiors

New Dc Design Elantra

Dc Design Elantra Pics Dc Design Elantra Back View

DC Designs Hyundai Elantra 2013

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