Peugeot will be unveiling RCZ R Sport Coupe at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Recently we got the news that Jaguar is all set to reveal the Jaguar Project 7, the new ferocious version of its F type at Goodwood Festival.

Jaguar has planned this Project 7 to conquer the Festival of Speed that will be held on this weekend. Now it has been reported that Peugeot too has planned a special treat for this event. This French car company will be unveiling its latest innovation, RCZ R Sport Coupe, at the Festival of Speed. This car carries the renowned Sports Coupe of Peugeot to a new level. This vehicle is the high performance version of its Sports Coupe. With 2 automobile manufacturing giants launching the new faces of their cars, this year Goodwood Festival will surely be an event worth a watch.

The car is capable of producing a power of 270 bhp with its THP engine of 1.6 litre capacity. The car is also in compliance with the European emission standards. The vehicle is equipped with Torsen differential which allows a driver to explore the car’s full potential. This car produces its maximum torque after reaching 1900 rpm. Due to this RCZ R Sports Coupe has amazing stability and braking. It is capable of completing the transition from 0 kmph to 100 kmph in a span of less than 6 seconds. Although this is a power packed vehicle, its CO2 emission is surprisingly low, thanks to the careful designing of the car. It has a CO2 emission of only 145gm /km

Peugeot unveiling RCZ R Sport Coupe
This was achieved by Peugeot by cutting down on the engine size which in turn has optimized the performance and aerodynamics of this vehicle. The car has a fixed “Aero Spoiler” on the rear boot. This keeps the car stable without any sort of dragging even at high speeds.

The RCZ R sports Coupe is amazingly crafted on the exterior offering a very lavish look to the car. This new car perfectly merges the power of initial RCZ with supreme style to give it, its own unique identity. The suspension of this new version is lower than the standard RCZ by 10 mm. The wheels have a diameter of 19 inches which optimizes grip and add to the posture. This car is using some larger brakes and the car has been designed in such a way that cooling of the brakes is optimized. The front red calipers are proudly endorsing “Peugeot Sport” on them.

Peugeot to unveil RCZ R Sport Coupe interiors
The Aero Spoiler that we just mention not only offers better stability but also adds to the rear view of the car by giving it a slightly stretched look. The rear of the RCZ R also houses a rear diffuser which constitutes of a pair of chrome made exhaust pipes, symmetrical to each other in position. The front grille shows a monogramme “R” printed in red. This RCZ signature is also visible on the boot lid.

With this RCZ, safety meets comfort in the most appropriate way. The projector head lamps (Xenon) come with washers. It also houses a standard music system called World of Peugeot (WIP). The driver seat is positioned in such a way that he gets to extract the peak performance of this car. The steering wheel is short and the gear stick has an aluminium knob which perfectly matches the bucket seats of Peugeot Sports.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013

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