DC Modified Lamborghini Aventador Coming Soon

Last week, we witnessed the launch of Lamborghini Aventador Roadster in Mumbai, now DC seems to be raising the temperature with its newly re-designed Aventador.

DC had delivered India’s first sports car Avanti that is a one of its kind design weaved with great performance without V-series powerplant, at an affordable price band to suit local mentality. The India based modifier outputs are standardized enough to compete at an international level.

The facebook page of DC is abreacted with a teaser image of modified Lamborghini Aventador which is expected to arrive soon. It is seen draped in grey color with a DC moniker at the rear bumper.

DC Modified Lamborghini Aventador Coming Soon

Apart from this, no other information has been divulged on the page. It left us craving with a statement that says, “Coming soon… A very special DC’d Lamborghini Aventador.”

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