Deals for the month of April 2011

As always each and every month, we unfailingly bring the deals for that particular month to our readers. Many of our readers have benefited from these details and have written in to say “Thanks”. Well, continuing with the tradition, here are some hot deals on cars for the month of April 2011. This time around however not many automobile companies are offering discounts however the few that have, we have listed them here. Happy shopping.

Honda :

The mighty Honda City has seen some real competition from the mighty German, Volkswagen. Like as we reported earlier, the difference between the sales figure of the Honda City and the Volkswagen Vento were just 100 apart. In lieu of this, Honda are offering the City with a cash discount of Rs 25000 off. Not only that. If you are exchanging your old car at a Honda dealership, chances are that you would get an additional Rs 20,000 off as an exchange bonus. Moreover if you persist, some dealers would throw in an additional Rs 5,000 discount. Make the deal sweeter for Honda fans.

Hyundai :

The Korean company after an emphatic 2011 ICC World Cup sponsorship are now offering their smallest car, the Hyundai Santro with a total discount of Rs 21,000. Out of this, Rs 11,000 is regarding the free first year insurance whereas if you are planning to exchange your old car at the Hyundai dealership, then there is an exchange bonus of Rs 10k. The company is also offering huge discounts on its Hyundai Sonata Transform saloon. This is being done to remove the existing stocks for the old Sonata. A new one is on the cards soon. Corporate discounts of Rs 30,000 are being given plus due to the world cup fever yet to subsidize, free cricket merchandise totaling Rs 15k.

Mahindra :

On its flagship, the company is offering discounts worth Rs 15k in all. This includes the Rs 5,000 cash discount from the dealer’s end on all the variants plus the exchange bonus of Rs 10k that is being given should one exchange their old car for the Mahindra Scorpio at the dealership.

Maruti :

Maruti is offering discount on only one of its model this month. It is the very capable Maruti Ritz. The deal that one gets is a free third year extended warranty. The cost of the third year warranty otherwise is Rs 2,400. Customers can either opt for free accessories worth Rs 12k or else get this amount deducted from the final price of the car. This would be applicable only if one selects the fully loaded ZXi variant. Moreover as is the Maruti tradition, dealers are ready to offer an extra Rs 5k off if the buyer happens to be working in a corporate company. Also to further sweeten the deal, Rs 12,000 by the way of exchange bonus is also being offered. This takes it to a total of Rs 36,000 off on the on-road price of this car. Unfortunately the deal is only been offered on the petrol variant of this car. The diesel, well commands well over 1 month long waiting periods.

Tata :

With its new Manza Elan variant, the company is offering upto Rs 15,000 off. A major  portion of this chunk comes from the Rs 10,000 exchange bonus and Rs 5k cash discount that the company is offering.

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