Honda City has got a strong competition

Finally it seems that the reign of the Honda City as the number 1 selling sedan in its category is over. Well literally so and we would say rather over. The strong contender to the number 1 throne happens to be Volkswagen’s new sedan, the Volkswagen Vento. Well this is the first competition that has come up for the City in the real sense. The sales figure for the Honda City in the month of March 2011 was 3668 units whereas for the Vento it was 3548 units. It is said that the sales of Vento are lower due to the fact that the Vento currently commands a waiting period of 3 months. But the Honda City should be given its due respect with the fact that this car has got only a petrol model whereas all of its competitors have got both petrol and diesel variants in their lineup.

The Honda City has been one thorn in the flesh for many other car manufacturers. No wonder what they do, they cannot throw away the might of the Honda. Inspite of its premium status amongst other saloons in its class, the Honda City has been a long favorite for its customers. Strong resale values plus good fuel economy ensures that the Honda City is a complete peace of mind acquisition. Now the Honda boffins would have something to think about and ponder really hard about.

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