Defiance Technologies to develop Nissan-Datsun cars

We have been closely following the news of rebirth of Datsun brand under Nissan, and there is particularly a lot of hype after the Japanese giant announced that it would introduce entry-level cars with sub Rs 4 lacs price tag under its Datsun portfolio. For this reason, Nissan has signed a pact with Ashok Leyland’s associate firm Defiance Technologies.

As Micra hatch is the lowest offer in Nissan’s portfolio, the entry-level Datsun car will be positioned below this hatchback with a pricing shy of Rs 4 lacs. In order for the automaker to achieve this and build up on its image as a global brand, it will have to localize the production of the Datsun cars as it had announced previously. The new deal with Ashok Leyland’s Defiance Technologies will cater the development and production of low-cost Datsun cars in Indian market.

Speaking on the occasion, Executive VP, Nissan Motor, Japan, Mr. Andy Palmer said, ”We are executing our plans along with Ashok Leyland’s engineering service Defiance. It’s a contract and not a collaboration.”

With the reviving of its Datsun brand, Nissan will develop nation specific cars for emerging markets like India, South Africa and other East Asian markets. In India, the entry-level Datsun will battle against the likes of Maruti Alto and Hyundai Eon. We’ll have to wait till 2014 to see the first Datsun model roll out in our country.

Palmer further added, “We want to offer the country a car integrated with Japanese quality and durability, but it will be tailored according to Indian costs and customer needs. Also the cars are planned to be produced by Indian engineers, suppliers and manufacturer to complement what Indian customers require.”

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